The client needs an eCommerce website that manages all the trading of ‘Tiles and marble’ products through an online automated system. They need a software platform that will manage all its eCommerce functionalities with a user-friendly and modern design with a good user experience.


This system includes an admin panel that allows the user to easily manage and control all the functionalities of stakeholders in an efficient way. They also need payment gateway integration which allows the user to pay all of its payment securely from the comfort of their home.


Based on our remarkable work experience client contacted Cplus Soft Pvt. Limited for the development of a website that will manage all these business logic in an effective way.





Completion Time:

7 Months


Team Size:

Six Members:

Tech Stack:
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • Jmeter
  • Adobe XD
Target Devices:
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

What We Delivered:

We delivered a fully functional eCommerce website that has to manage all the trading 

of tiling and marble products in an efficient and user-friendly way. Following are the modules which we delivered on this automated system


Admin App:

This is the main module app that will have to manage all the content and management of the website from product management to payment gateways all these functionalities should be managed from the admin side. By using this module app admin can perform the following activities.


  • Dashboard control and management
  • Create and manage reports
  • Order control and management
  • Categories control and management
  • Efficient product control and management
  • Product warehouse control and management
  • Order management and control 
  • Effective eCommerce functionalities management
  • Customer list management
  • Website setting control and management
  • Blogs control and management
  • Subscription management
  • Import Data in CSV
  • Export Data in CSV

Ecommerce Shop App:

This is the user side on which users directly interact and proceed with all of their eCommerce activities here. User views the products and then add them to the cart and then pays through payment gateways and received their products through delivery methods. Following are the activities that users can perform by using the website.


  • Search and manage products
  • Search the required product by category
  • Search products by price
  • Product control and management
  • View and manage blogs
  • Language control and management
  • Add products to the cart
  • Perform secure payment
  • Perform a secure Login/Registration process
  • Make a wishlist of products
  • Select secure payment gateways
  • Select required delivery methods
  • Control and manage user panel information

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