The clients need an ERP system for their business to plan and manage their daily activities such as supply chain, manufacturing, services, financials, and other processes. They need an ERP system that will have to manage all the functionalities and roles in an efficient way.
This ERP system have also a management part that deals with the control of stakeholder products, sales, and all the other functionalities for their ‘Automobile Enterprise’.As this was a data-driven project that involves big data for management so efficiency and response were also the main concern to be handled. So data surveillance and optimization is also a big challenge that needs to be resolved.

So they contacted ‘Cplus Soft Pvt. Limited for the development of an Enterprise Resource Planning system that will be able to manage all of their processes in an effective way.
By considering all the user requirements and business problems as a challenge and opportunity for us to implement the business logic of an Enterprise level organization.

Completion Time:

4 Months

Team Size:

Six Members:

  • 3 React Native Developer
  • 1 Linux / network developer
  • 2 Senior Testers
Target Devices:
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
Tech Stack:
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • Selenium
  • Jmeter
  • Adobe XD

What We Delivered - solution:

We delivered a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system that manages all the processes of the client in an effective and efficient way. Following below are the modules of the system that we delivered.

Admin App:

This app module manages all the other user functionalities in an efficient way. Following are the functionalities that the admin can perform.
  • View dashboard records and stats
  • Generate and view reports
  • Product control and management
  • Archived Product control and management
  • Retailer control and management
  • Form management and creation
  • Chassis Number control and management


Retailer App:

This app module provides efficient management of the retailer module in an adequate way. The following functionalities can be performed by retailers.
  • Control and view retailer records and stats
  • Generate and view reports
  • Search and perform operations on products
  • Purchase List control and management
  • Sales control and management
  • Suppliers’ control and management
  • Accounting control and management
  • Human Resource Management
  • User control and management


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