The client needs a website that will manage all the records of influencers, brands, coupons, and the association between them. The intended system of a client has to track which influencer is associated with which brand and also the records of coupons and their association with the brand and a particular influencer.


So the client contacted “Cplusoft” for the development of a website system that will manage all these business problems in an efficient and effective manner.

We do proper domain research on this project and consider this an important project for us because it includes big data of influencers, brands and coupons, and records of their association. As we have to manage big data so we consider all of these trade-offs and delivered a quality product.



Gulf Countries





Completion Time:

3 Months


Team Size:

Five Members:

  • 3 Laravel Developer
  • 1 Linux / network developer
  • 1 Senior Testers
Target Devices:
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
Tech Stack:
  • Laravel
  • Selenium
  • Jmeter
  • Adobe XD

What We Delivered:

We delivered a fully functional web-based automated system that meets all the business requirements of stakeholders. Our system performs all the required functionalities like managing all the records of brands, coupons, and influencers and the association between them. Following are the functionalities which an admin can perform on this website.


  • View and manage dashboard stats
  • Brand control and management
  • Coupon control and management
  • Efficient influencer management
  • Effective association control and management
  • Image management and uploading 
  • Payment record management
  • Make data backup for disaster recovery
  • Upload big data on the website
  • Import CSV data
  • Export CSV data
  • Apply filters for getting the intended results

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