Clients have already built systems for their hotel business but it was not a complete software platform that can compete with competitors in the market. If your system lack performance and design then it means you do have not any presence in the market.

So considering all these issues in mind client contacted Cplus Soft for the development of online platforms that are capable enough to meet the stakeholder’s requirements and should have the capability to compete with competitors.


We take this project as a challenge although we have a lot of experience in the development of such vast enterprise-level projects.


We accepted this and prove it as an excellent experience for us from the client’s point of view because this system not only includes every business logic but also has the capability to compete with the industry from a performance and design perspective.





Completion Time:

3 Months


Team Size:

Six Members:

  • 3 Laravel Developer
  • 1 Linux / network developer
  • 1 Senior Testers
Target Devices:
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
Tech Stack:
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • Jmeter
  • Adobe XD

What We Delivered:

The deliverable of this project includes a complete smart automated platform that meets all the business logic of stakeholders.

Administrative control App:

This is the super admin module app that manages all the functionalities of the website in an effective way. Super admin can perform the following functionalities


  • Control and manage bookings
  • Room allocation and management
  • Set and adjust room rates
  • Create and manage packages
  • Track and control user activities
  • Create and manage services
  • Add and manage facilities
  • Manage and control customers
  • Add and manage discounts
  • Apply site customized setting
  • Allocate and manage roles for better access
  • Apply and control payment methods

User App:

This is the user app module on which all the functionalities are performed. Following are the activities that users can perform.
  • View and manage dashboard stats
  • Search and view required data
  • Make and control efficient booking
  • Ask the queries from admin for a better understanding
  • User panel control and management

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