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The client suffered a lot from his existing system in design, performance, and response the system seems almost exhausted when someone uses it. These all problems need to be tailored with the use of cutting-edge technology and experience.


As this was a multi-module and multi-platform system that should be handled with professionalism and a sound understanding of business logic. They needed a fully responsive and efficient system having a modern practice design that should be able to work on all platforms.


So they contacted Cplus Soft for the development of a cross-platform “Royal Donuts System” that is able to manage all of their eCommerce and food chain operations, control, and management in a responsive and efficient way. We accepted this problem as a challenge for us because this brand has a large franchise and restaurant chain system presence in Germany with recognition as a top-ranked brand. We have to manage their system for France. We build multiple modules for the “Royal Donuts System” that can run on multiple platforms to meet the real business challenge.





Food Chain


Completion Time:

1 Year


Team Size:

Six Members:

  • 3 React Native Developer
  • 1 Linux / network developer
  • 1 Hardware Engineer
  • 2 Senior Testers
Target Devices:
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Medium/Large Scale Touch
  • Screens with Raspberry PI 4


Tech Stack:
  • React Native
  • React JS
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • Jmeter
  • Adobe XD

What We Delivered - solution:

We delivered a cross-platform system that is able to work on all platforms and devices in a responsive user-friendly way. We divided the system into different modules for better performance and response. Following is the system that we delivered that can be run on multiple platforms.

Super Admin App:

This is the admin side of “Royal Donuts” which allows the admin to easily manage all the content and features of their website. Admin can manage all the features which include
  • Product control and management
  • Categories control and management
  • Customer control and management
  • Order tracking and management
  • Efficient stores management
  • Payment gateways management and control
  • Roles management and allocation
  • Customized site settings
  • Email management
  • Lead management

Ecommerce Shop App:

This is the main user side on which users directly interact and perform different eCommerce activities. Users can perform the following activities on this eCommerce shop


    • Product customization
  •  Product search and selection
  • Categories search and selection
  • Product order and control
  • Search and select near the store
  • Order from near store
  • Pay through payment gateways
  • View Order Details
  • User Dashboard control and management


Supplier App:

This module provides easy access to the customers to directly place orders from suppliers and manage all the order records on this module. In this module, the user performs the following action
  • Product selection and control
  • Products order control
  • Supplier store selection
  • Order detail management
  • Order rectification management
  • Dashboard control and management

Lead Management App:

This module helps the stores and franchise owners of this product to easily manage and track a user who has requested them to open a new franchise that is affiliated with them.

A person who wants to apply for the franchise has multiple stages of processes which is a track by the super admin and the Lead User fulfill those criteria and gets ownership of that franchise. Users can perform the following action


  • Form Selection
  • Enter Details
  • Form submission
  • Approval status tracking


Mobile Application:

We have also developed a mobile application for supplier users so that user can easily order their products by using a simple and easy-to-use mobile application. Following are the features of the mobile application
  • Product search and selection
  • Product customization
  • Categories search and selection
  • Product order and control>
  • Search and select near the store
  • Order from near store
  • Pay through payment gateways
  • View Order Details
  • User Dashboard control and management

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